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Please read the entire document before submitting as it contains important information about premiums and bidding intervals. You may submit this document by fax, post, or simply filling out the necessary fields digitally and submitting this document by email. Below are the instructions for each method:

To Fax or Mail this document:

1. Print this document directly from the browser window. 2. Fill out the necessary information, including payment information. 3. Sign the document. 4. Send by fax or mail.

Fax Information
Our fax number is 314 454-9904
ATTN: Marlene Marcella

Mailing Address
Link Auction Galleries
ATTN: Marlene Marcella
5000 Washington Place
Saint Louis, Missouri 63108

To Submit this Document via Email:

You my type directly onto this document in your browser. Simply click in the highlighted fields and type the necessary information. Once finished, you can save this document onto your computer and email it us at Link Auction Galleries.

1. Scroll to the second page of this document and enter in the necessary information by clicking on the highlighted fields and typing directly into the document.

2. When finished, go to File > Save As and save this file locally on your computer.

3. Send an email to with the subject line “ABSENTEE BID FORM” and attach the saved .*.PDF to your email.